Meet My Slovenian Roots

with 360 Degree Virtual Panorama Photography and

Photo Imaging Technology!

Created and Produced by Ivan Majc and John Kuzmich, Jr.
Ljubljana, Slovenia and Denver, Colorado, respectively

A good photograph is indeed worth a thousand words!

360° Virtual Panorama Photos

Free download, click here for QuickTime, here for Flash, and here for HTML

  1. Click Here Grand 360 Degree Virtual Panorama Tour of my Slovenian Roots. For a free Download-40MB), click here.

  2. Novo Mesto tour in Flash and QuickTime: is the down town area which originated in the 12th century

  3. Stopice Church in Flash and QuickTime is where my great grand-grandfather was born in 1790. What a beautiful church.

  4. Verdun in Flash and QuickTime is where my great grand-father lived with multiple Turk families living adjacent to each other.

  5. Novo Mesto Church in Flash and QuickTime is where some of my earliest ancestors went to church in Novo Mesto

  6. Stopice Cemetery in PDF with every grave stone was photographed and indexed in this photo which is great for quick identification via photo imaging technology). On slides 3 and 4, click on the names that are enclosed in a box and the grave stone photo instantly apears. This .PDF is a 44 MB file that will take some time to open depending on your Internet connection speed. But very much worth the while as it is a spectacular presentation of how photo imaging technology can be used for genealogy even when thousands of miles away on a different continent.

Photo Imaging Maps

  1. with dynamic photo imaging demonstrations from a single photo and interactively linked "live" with a Google map and a text box with in-depth commentary. Click on any of the geotags found in the Google map and it instantly turns into a virtual panorama tour as well which is a great illustration of how photo imaging technology and virtual panorama tours can implemented together in a seamless manner.

Photo Gallery of My Slovenian Roots

  1. Novo Mesto, Slovenia Roots:

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