John Kuzmich, Jr.'s Eastern European Family Roots:

Thirty-Eight 360 Degree Virtual Panorama Photos!

All photos taken by Ivan Majc of Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Novo Mesto, Slovenia

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  1. Poland: the country where most of my ancestors originated from. 

    Poland: Warsaw and Krakow are the two most famous cities in Poland which beautiful city squares to view both during the day and especially in the evening.
    Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science Garden Flash

    Krakow Jewish Quarter at Night: now posted
    with music at a normal decibel level

    Krakow Main Plaza at night with music that is a bit soft
    Poland: Krempachy area: birth place of my material ancestors
    Krempachy Relatives Home Courtyard: web Krempachy Relatives Home Backyard: web Krempachy St Martin's Panorama Flash: web

    Lesnica, Poland Galiniak Relative Home: web Lesnica, Poland Street View: web St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (Krolik Woloski - Ruins of old Greek Chatolic Church Panorama): web

    Poland: Snietnica:
    birth place of my paternal ancestors
    Snietnica Greek Catholic Parish Church of St Demetrius Flash: web Snietnica Kuzmich backyard home
    Panorama Flash: web
    Hanzowa Greek Catholic Church in Hanzowa: web

  2. Slovenia: birth place of my maternal Slovenian ancestors

    Novo Mesto area:

    Verdun Turk homestead of 1790's: web Stopice Church: web Novo Mesto Church: web

    Stopice cemetery: web Blegos, hill near small city Gorenja-Vas Smartno is a beautiful near Italian border Dropbox/Vhod v park zg. Panorama.swf
    Golica - high mountain at 1835 meters seeing
    Slovenia and Austria on each side
    Sezana (city 5 km from Italian border) Lenart, close to the Austrian border

    Mokronog, city in South part of Slovenia.
    This is Primary School Playground

    This is small village Zabocevo in Municipality Borovnica
    just 20 minutes west from capitol city Ljubljana
    Dravograd Center

    Strehovske gorice is small village in Municipality
    Dobrovnik just few kilometers from Hungarian border

    Visnja Gora is small town in Municipality
    Ivancna Gorica
    , located 15 minutes South from Ljubljana
    Slovenian Parliament building in Ljubljana, Slovenia

  3. Ukraine: where my Snietnica, Poland relatives were forced to immigrate in 1947 to Maxillimakova and I found them in 2001 after missing for 100 years!

    Kiev Temple, Kiev, Ukraine:

    Kiev Temple Ukraine Kiev Temple Ukraine at Night Dobrovnik - Strehovske Gorice

    Maxillimakova:  home of my paternal ancestors who were ethnically cleansed from Poland in 1947
    Anatolij's Garden in Maxillimakova: web Anatolj's Home in Maxillimakova: web Meadows around Antolij's home: web

    Cemetery near Maxillimakova: web Maxilillimakova Cemetery: web Square in Maximilianova Flash: web

    Street in Maximilianova: web Donetsk, Ukraine Cannon Panorama: web