Template for Designing a Dynamic Resume!

by John Kuzmich, Jr.

November 6, 2005

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Here's What the Dynamic Resume Shell Looks Like:

click here to view:

You will be able click on each table section in the template .doc file and substitute your own data here with attractive page formatting already designed for you.

How To FTP This .DOC Template For Free!

  1. You will need a password and user name to actually download it.

  2. Simply e-mail John Kuzmich, Jr. at: jkuzmich@earthlink.net with the request for instructions on the URL given in the next step below for this FTP web site and the specific user name and password needed will be e-mailed back to you.

  3. To begin the downloading, you must go to: ftp://ftp.kuzmich2.com. . Note: you will need an FTP Client server application. Google search on Free FTP Client Server and you will come up with hundreds and hundreds of them. FireFTP is an add-on in Mozilla's FireFox.

  4. Put in the given username and password are respectively: resume101 and 1438j=

  5. Then you should be able to download the resume template files in that folder.

Good Luck Downloading and Editing It in Microsoft Word!

Once the .doc file is downloaded.

  1. Open it up and click on each section to insert your own data.

  2. Save your file when done.

  3. Print out or use the print preview to verify that it looks right.

  4. Have someone proof read your resume for spelling, grammar, sentence syntax and more!

  5. Duplicate the resume and use for job inquires.